makeswf(1) actionscript compiler


makeswf [OPTIONS] <frame_content> ...


makeswf is a command line interface to the Ming library actionscript compiler, with support for embedding prebuilt content.

frame_content can be either: an ActionScript source file, a bitmap file (png or jpg), or an SWF file. Non-ActionScript input files are currently only recognized by extension (png, jpg, swf). Files with other extensions will be assumed to contain ActionScript source code.

Each frame_content will be stored in a separate frame of the output.

ActionScript code is preprocessed using cpp before being compiled, this allows (among many other things) grouping multiple sourcefiles into a single frame by using #include directives. (See PREPROCESSOR below.)

Bitmap or SWF content will be stored in a MovieClip named after the corresponding input filename with path and extension removed. This allows easy referencing of the content by ActionScript code.


-o --output <output>
Write SWF file to <output>. Default is ``out.swf''.
-s --size <width>x<height>
Set output frame size in pixels (defaults to 640x480).
-r --frame-rate <frame_rate>
Set output frame rate (defaults to 12).
-v --swfversion <swfversion>
Set output SWF version (defaults to 6).
-c --compression <compression_level>
Set output compression level (0 to 9). Defaults to 9. Use -1 to disable.
-b --bgcolor <background_color>
Set background color using hex form (0xRRGGBB). If omitted, no SETBACKGROUNDCOLOR tag will be used.
-I <dir>
Add <dir> to the include search path. The option is passed to the C preprocessor.
-D <macro>[=<def>]>
Define <macro>. The option is passed to the C preprocessor.
-i --import <library.swf>:<sym>[,<sym>]>
Import named symbols from the given SWF file and store them into a
-a --init-action <>[:<frameno>]
Compile the given source AS file as an init action for frame <frameno>.
-n --network-access network|file
Force addition of a networkAccess flag with given value. For SWF8 or higher the FileAttribute tag is mandatory so will be present anyway, with a default of 'file' access. You can use this flag to both change the default for SWF8+ and to provide the optional tag for SWF8-. The tag basically determine the resources sandbox to use when the movie is loaded from the filesystem, in an exclusive manner.
-h --help
Print quick help.
-V --version
Print version and copyright info.


makeswf invokes the C preprocessor on each of the given source filenames before compiling them. The preprocessed version is named after the output file with ".frame#.pp" appended; check this file when looking for line numbers reported in syntax errors.

An __SWF_VERSION__ macro is automatically provided so that ActionScript code can act differently based on target player; it is set to the output SWF version (changed with -v).


Written by Sandro Santilli <[email protected]>


Code is released under the GNU GPL license.