makeztxt(1) Create zTXT databases from ASCII files to read them in a Palm


makeztxt --help
makeztxt [-hlLnV] [-A annofile] [-a adjust] [-b line_length] [-m markfile]
[-o outfile] [-R regexfile] [-r regex] [-t title] [-z comp_type] input


Please note that "input" refers to one and only one file - makeztxt cannot operate on multiple files at once.
-A, --annofile
file containing zTXT annotations
-a, --adjust
method for linefeed stripping (0, 1, 2, defaults to 0)
strip linefeeds for lines longer than length
strip linefeed if line has any text
no linefeed stripping
-b, --length
lines longer than this get linefeed stripped
-h, --help
this help
-l, --list
list regex generated bookmarks
-L, --launchable
set the launchable bit in the output DB
-m, --markfile
list of bookmarks to use in zTXT
-n, --nobackup
do not set the backup bit in the DB
-o, --output
output file to be created
-R, --regexfile
file containing list of regex to use
-r, --regex
do a regex search for bookmarks
-t, --title
title of database
-V, --version
makeztxt version
-z, --compression
method of compression (1 or 2)
allow random access (default)
one big data stream (10%-15% more compression)


makeztxt is a simple commandline program that takes a plain ASCII text file and compresses it into a zTXT database. makeztxt will remove newline characters at the end of lines that contain text so that the paragraphs flow better on the Palm screen. makeztxt supports the use of regular expressions to automatically generate a list of bookmarks for you. Lastly, makeztxt can also break an existing zTXT file into it's components (text, bookmarks, annotations) and store them into separate files for you.


Creates zTXT databases
Deconstructs zTXT databases into component pieces
Use regular expression to automatically generate bookmarks
Includes libztxt, a small C library, so you can easily add zTXT creation or disection to your program
Create zTXTs that allow on-demand decompression, or get 10% - 15% more compression with the original style zTXT.
Read regular expressions from a config file (.makeztxtrc)


John Gruenenfelder ([email protected])
This man page was created for the Debian package by Gunnar Wolf ([email protected])