map2rmp(1) convert map to RMP


map2rmp -p string -n string -c string -q 1..100 -s 411|422|444 -i file1 file2 ... fileN outputfile


map2rmp is a helper utility for qlandkartegt(1) to convert a map to RMP format.

NOTE: The projection of all input files must be EPSG4326. You can use GDAL to convert your files. Use 'gdalinfo file' to find out the size in pixel of your file. Use gdalwarp(1) to reproject your file:

gdalwarp -t_srs "+init=epsg:4326" -ts width-in-pixel height-in-pixel file outputfile


-p string
The map provider as string (mandatory)
-n string
The map name as string (mandatory)
-c string
The copyright notice (optional)
-q 1..100
The JPEG quality from 1 to 100. Default is 75
-s 411|422|444
The chroma subsampling. Default is 411
Add intermediate levels (optional)