maphimbu(1) histogram builder for 1-d numerical and text data


maphimbu [,OPTION/]... [,FILE/]


This program produces 1-d histograms from numerical or text data input. It can be also used to estimate the probability distribution function of a numerical variable - see


-x <int>
x-data column (default is 1)
-y <int>
y-data column (default is 2); It is considered only when combined with '-m' or '-S'
-d <float|int>
delta size (dx-resolution) in case of numerical data; Keep in mind that 2 is not the same as 2.0: in the first case the numbers are treated as integers, in the latter as floats.
normalize the result A) non-numerical data: n(x) = counts(x)/sum_of_counts B) numerical data: the normalized probability density func.
is P(-INF < x <INF) = Int_[-INF:INF] P(x)*dx = 1 ;
For the numerical integration an open x-data interval is assumed.
normalize data against the total sum of counts (same as option '-n' with case A forced)
normalize the result with x-range mapped to unit; The x-values are mapped to the interval [0:1], respectively Int_[0:1] P(x)*dx = 1; This option is mutually exclusive with '-n'.
compute sums and normalized sums of y-values; The total sum of all y-values is used for the normalization.
compute the arithmetic average of the y-values in the underlying x-bin
compute accumulated sums of the result data column (default is colum 2, or 3 in case of normalization); The program 'mintegrate' is need in this case.
-s <int>
sort output using the specified column; Header is skipped in this case.
-g <int>
sort output numerically using the specified column; Header is skipped in this case.
do reverse sorting (in combination with '-g' and '-s')
center histogram bins (shifts x-axis by 0.5*dx)
treat hole line as one string (single data record)
print a data description header
print program version and exit
output version and copyright information
display help
display short help (options summary)

Note: this program is not intended for use in high order numerical computations.


Report bugs to <[email protected]>


Copyright © 2003-2007, 2009, 2011-2013 Dimitar Ivanov

License: GNU GPL version 3 or later <>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.