maria-vis(1) graph visualization script for maria




This manual page documents briefly the maria-vis command.

maria-vis is a lefty script invoked by maria in order to visually present information to the user. The script reads commands and directives from standard input and may write maria query language commands to standard output. An end-of-file condition on standard input terminates the script.
The script is built on top of the dotty script that is part of the GraphViz package. The commands prefixed with visual in maria issue two kinds of commands to this script: new(); or add(); followed by a newline character and a graph definition in the dot input language. The new function in the script displays the graph in a new window, while the add function copies information from the graph to the last modified graph.


This manual page was written by Marko Mäkelä <[email protected]>. The maria-vis script and the visualization option were designed and implemented by Marko Mäkelä. Please see the copyright file in /usr/share/doc/maria for details.