mate-cpufreq-selector(1) A generic command line tool to change the cpu frequency.


mate-cpufreq-selector [OPTIONS]


This tool is a part of the CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor Applet for the MATE Panel. It can be called from the command line when installed. mate-cpufreq-selector is used to adjust the CPU Frequency settings if the system supports scaling.

This manual page briefly documents the mate-cpufreq-selector command.


Specify the CPU Number to adjust settings for. If no CPU is specified, CPU0 is assumed.
-g GOVERNOR, --governor=GOVERNOR
Specify a valid CPU Governor to use. (ie. conservative, ondemand, performance, powersave)
-f FREQ, --frequency=FREQ
Specify a CPU Frequency to set in KHz.
-?, -h, --help
Print standard command line options.


mate-cpufreq-selector --cpu=1 -g powersave
Set scaling Governor "Powersave" on CPU1

mate-cpufreq-selector -f 1200

Set max CPU Frequency to 1200KHz (1.2GHz) on CPU0


Should you encounter any bugs, they may be reported at:


This Man Page has been written for the MATE Desktop Environment by:

Adam Erdman <[email protected]> (2014)


cpufreq-selector was originally written for gnome-applets by:

Carlos GarcĂ­a Campos <[email protected]> (2004)

Further information may also be available at: