mate-gsettings-toggle(1) wrapper for MATE gsettings keys


mate-gsettings-toggle KEY


mate-gsettings-toggle is a small wrapper script around the gsettings command.

Gsettings does not have toggle option which mateconftool-2 and gconftool-2 did. mate-gsettings-toggle is a small wrapper around the gsettings command which adds toggle functionality.


mate-gsettings-toggle takes a limited set of gsettings keys that are in the org.mate.applications-at SCHEMA. The keys can be one of: screen-keyboard-enabled screen-magnifier-enabled screen-reader-enabled.


mate-gsettings-toggle is written by Sander Sweers <[email protected]>

This manual was written by Sander Sweers <[email protected]> for the MATE desktop project.