Math::PlanePath::Base::NSEW(3) multi-inheritance mixin for North, South, East, West unit steps


package Math::PlanePath::Foo;
use Math::PlanePath;
use Math::PlanePath::Base::NSEW;
@ISA = ('Math::PlanePath::Base::NSEW', 'Math::PlanePath');


This is a multi-inheritance mixin for paths which take only steps North, South, East and West by distance 1 each time. This includes for example the "SquareSpiral" and also things like the "DragonCurve" or "CCurve".

The following path descriptive methods are provided

    dx_minimum()         -1
    dx_maximum()          1
    dy_minimum()         -1
    dy_maximum()          1
    dsumxy_minimum()     -1
    dsumxy_maximum()      1
    ddiffxy_minimum()    -1
    ddiffxy_maximum()     1
    dir_maximum_dxdy()   0,-1    # maximum South


Copyright 2014, 2015, 2016 Kevin Ryde

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