Math::Random::OO::UniformInt(3) Generates random integers with uniform probability


version 0.22


use Math::Random::OO::UniformInt;
push @prngs,
Math::Random::OO::UniformInt->new(), # 0 or 1
Math::Random::OO::UniformInt->new(5), # 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5
Math::Random::OO::UniformInt->new(-1,1); # -1, 0, or 1
$_->seed(42) for @prngs;
print( $_->next() . "\n" ) for @prngs;


This subclass of Math::Random::OO generates random integers with uniform probability.



 $prng1 = Math::Random::OO::UniformInt->new();
 $prng2 = Math::Random::OO::UniformInt->new($high);
 $prng3 = Math::Random::OO::UniformInt->new($low,$high);

"new" takes up to two optional parameters and returns a new "Math::Random::OO::UniformInt" object. Unlike Uniform, it returns integers inclusive of specified endpoints. With no parameters, the object generates random integers in the range of zero (inclusive) to one (inclusive). With a single parameter, the object generates random numbers from zero (inclusive) to the value of the parameter (inclusive). Note, the object does this with multiplication, so if the parameter is negative, the function will return negative numbers. This is a feature or bug, depending on your point of view. With two parameters, the object generates random integers from the first parameter (inclusive) to the second parameter (inclusive). (Actually, as long as you have two parameters, "new" will put them in the right order). If parameters are non-integers, they will be truncated to integers before the range is calculated. I.e., "new(-1.2, 3.6)" is equivalent to "new(-1,3)".


 $rv = $prng->seed( @seeds );

This method seeds the random number generator. At the moment, only the first seed value matters. It should be a positive integer.


 $rnd = $prng->next();

This method returns the next random number from the random number generator. It does not take any parameters.


David Golden <[email protected]>


This software is Copyright (c) 2013 by David Golden.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004