mbot(1) Mail handling robot


mbot [-h] [-c configuration file]


mbot is a generic purpose mail robot, written in python. The first goal while writting this piece of software was to provide some kind of web access (http) to people limited on mail (smtp).

So mbot will receive some mail and make some action for you, then send you back a reply mail. The actions mbot will take are to be defined in its configuration file (see mbot.conf(5)) and depends on the available handlers :

Used to perform some search with the well known search engine
This one allows to download some url and attach its content to the return mail, with the mime type properly set.
You can also send some news (with images) to mbot, it will fill your database with it. Currently supported RDBMs are PostgreSQL and MySQL, so you will have to choose between PgNewsHandler and MyNewsHandler.
This one will make mbot call an arbitrary given command!


will print the help page.
specifies the configuration file to use. If omitted mbot will look for it in his own directory.


To install that mail bot, just add a line in your mail alias file, often found under /etc/aliases.

If you use the exim MTA, be sure to add the option pipe_as_creator to your configuration, in the address_pipe section.


There should be none... :)

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mbot was writen by Dimitri Fontaine di[email protected] and Christophe Truffier [email protected].