mboxcheck(1) MBOX mail checking program.


mboxcheck [options] [file [...] ]


MBOXcheck is a simple mailbox checker. Give some options and at least one mailbox file as an argument and it will print some status of how many messages there are and which status they have.


  --help         The help text.
  --version      The version information about this tool.
  --showon [v][?]
                 When to show a mailbox in the list.
                 [v] - verbose, always show.
                 [?] - show when count is above 0 for the below types, see
                       --show what for more information about that.
                 The default is to trigger only on new messages (--showon new).
  --show [n][s][r][o][a][d]
                 What counts to show. The caracter in the bracket is
                 the short form. The what string can be comma separated
                 to specify more than one option. Multiple --show options
                 will add more (and will not remove shows).
                 [n] - new (new messages)
                 [s] - seen (seen but not read messages)
                 [r] - read (read and answered messages)
                 [o] - onlyread (just read messages)
                 [a] - answered (answered messages)
                 [d] - deleted (deleted messages)
                 The default is to show new and seen messages (--show ns).
  --recurse      This option will tell the tool to recurse into
    -R -r        subdirectories.
  --nosymlink    Tell the program to ignore symlinked files and directories.
  --cachedir dir A temporary directory to use for speedup cache
                 (default ~/.mboxcheckcache)
  --nocache      Do not use a temporary directory.


The cache file is named after the path to the file with slash caracters '/' replaced with two commas ',,'. The content is a list of comma separated values; last position, new, seen, only read, answered and deleted mail.


Ola Lundqvist <[email protected]>