mbuild-hybrid(1) easily build ircd-hybrid v7 modules from source


mbuild-hybrid [-s sourcefile] [-p installpath] [-o buildopts]


mbuild-hybrid is a program that simplifies compiling ircd-hybrid modules from source. One may specify output path and CFLAGS to use when building a module; the defaults for each are described below.

It goes without saying that mbuild-hybrid won't run without something in the -s option.


-s sourcefile
Source file to build the module with. The output filename will be this name, s/.c/.so/.
-p installpath
Install path for the module. This defauls to /usr/lib/ircd-hybrid/modules, the module search path for Debian's ircd-hybrid.
-o buildopts
This should be quoted if more than one argument; this will be appended to the default CFLAGS, which are simply '-g -Wall '.


This manual page was written by Joshua Kwan <[email protected]> and is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.