mchartable_map(3) Call a function for characters in a chartable.


int mchartable_map (MCharTable * table, void * ignore, void(*)(int, int, void *, void *) func, void * func_arg)


Call a function for characters in a chartable. The mchartable_map() function calls function func for characters in chartable table. No function call occurs for characters that have value ignore in table. Comparison of ignore and character value is done with the operator ==. Be careful when you use string literals or pointers.

Instead of calling func for each character, mchartable_map() tries to optimize the number of function calls, i.e. it makes a single function call for a chunk of characters when those consecutive characters have the same value.

No matter how long the character chunk is, func is called with four arguments; from, to, val, and arg. from and to (both inclusive) defines the range of characters that have value val. arg is the same as func_arg.


This function always returns 0.


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