mdatabase_define(3) Define a data of the m17n database.


MDatabase* mdatabase_define (MSymbol tag0, MSymbol tag1, MSymbol tag2, MSymbol tag3, void *(*)(MSymbol *, void *) loader, void * extra_info)


Define a data of the m17n database. The mdatabase_define() function defines a data that has tags tag0 through tag3 and additional information extra_info.

loader is a pointer to a function that loads the data from the database. This function is called from the mdatabase_load() function with the two arguments tags and extra_info. Here, tags is the array of tag0 through tag3.

If loader is NULL, the default loader of the m17n library is used. In this case, extra_info must be a string specifying a filename that contains the data.


If the operation was successful, mdatabase_define() returns a pointer to the defined data, which can be used as an argument to mdatabase_load(). Otherwise, it returns NULL.


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