Measure(1) Read Print Spot values.


Measure spot values, Version 1.6.3


spotread [-options] [logfile]
Verbose mode
Print spectrum for each reading
Plot spectrum for each reading
-c listno
Set communication port from the following list (default 1)
** No ports found **
Use transmission measurement mode
Use emissive measurement mode (absolute results)
Use display white brightness relative measurement mode
Use display white point relative chromatically adjusted mode
Use telephoto measurement mode (absolute results)
Use projector white brightness relative measurement mode
Use projector white point relative chromatically adjusted mode
Use ambient measurement mode (absolute results)
Use ambient flash measurement mode (absolute results)
-I illum
Set simulated instrument illumination using FWA (def -i illum): M0, M1, M2, A, C, D50, D50M2, D65, F5, F8, F10 or file.sp]
-i illum
Choose illuminant for computation of CIE XYZ from spectral data & FWA: A, C, D50 (def.), D50M2, D65, F5, F8, F10 or file.sp
-Q observ
Choose CIE Observer for spectral data or CCSS instrument: 1931_2 (def), 1964_10, S&B 1955_2, shaw, J&V 1978_2 (Choose FWA during operation)
-F filter
Set filter configuration (if aplicable):
Polarising filter
U.V. Cut
-E extrafilterfile
Apply extra filter compensation file
Display Yxy instead of Lab
Display LCh instead of Lab
Show running average and std. devation from ref.
Display correlated color temperatures and CRI
Disable auto calibration of instrument
Start in high resolution spectrum mode (if available)
-X file.ccmx
Apply Colorimeter Correction Matrix
-X file.ccss
Use Colorimeter Calibration Spectral Samples for calibration
-Y r|n
Override refresh, non-refresh display mode
-Y R:rate
Override measured refresh rate with rate Hz
-Y A
Use non-adaptive integration time mode (if available).
-W n|h|x
Override serial port flow control: n = none, h = HW, x = Xon/Xoff
-D [level]
Print debug diagnostics to stderr
Optional file to save reading results as text