megadf(1) Show total available, used, or free space in the cloud


megadf [--free|--total|--used] [--mb|--gb|-h]


Shows available, used and free space in the cloud in machine or human readable formats.



Show only total available space (free + used).


Show only free space.


Show only used space.

--human, -h

Display file sizes in a human readable format.


Show in MiB units.


Show in GiB units.

-u <email>, --username <email>

Account username (email)

-p <password>, --password <password>

Account password

--config <path>

Load configuration from a file


Disable loading .megarc


Never ask interactively for a password


Never generate and upload file previews, when uploading new files


Reload filesystem cache

--debug [<options>]

Enable debugging of various aspects of the megatools operation. You may enable multiple debugging options separated by commas. (eg. --debug api,fs)

Available options are:

• api: Dump API calls

• fs: Dump filesystem (may require --reload to actually print something)

• cache: Dump cache contents


Show version information


• Show overall human readable space usage information:

$ megadf -h
Total: 50.0 GiB
Used:  6.4 GiB
Free:  43.6 GiB

• Check free space from a script:

$ test `megadf --free --gb` -lt 1 && \
  echo "You have less than 1 GiB of available free space"


Megadf can't determine available space for premium accounts.


Part of the megatools(7) suite.


Megatools was written by Ondrej Jirman <[email protected]>, 2013-2016.

Official website is