meltpp(1) The Melt pre-processor


meltpp [OPTIONS] [PLUGINS] files


meltpp is a pre-processor which takes Melt source codes (.mlt) and convert them to OCaml source codes (.ml). It is modular as it accepts user PLUGINS as arguments.


-P <path>
Specify the location of plugins.
-o <file>
Specify the name of the output file. Cannot be used when compiling multiple files at the same time.
-open <Module>
Add "open Module;;" at the beginning of the file.
-dir <path>
Add path to file locations when printing error messages. Useful to trick your IDE when compiling in a temporary directory.
Print the version number of Melt.
Pass the remaining arguments to the generated program.
-help, --help
Display the list of options


Melt was written by Romain Bardou. Contributors include Vincent Aravantinos, Francois Bobot, Pierre Chambart and Arnaud Spiwack.

This manual page was written by Romain Bardou (but may be used by others).