MetricSizeMapping(3) Compute size of elements according to a metric.

Other Alias

Metric Mapping


Public Member Functions

MetricSizeMapping (const PropertyContext &context)

~MetricSizeMapping ()

void computeNodeSize ()

void computeEdgeSize ()

bool check (std::string &errorMsg)

bool run ()

Detailed Description

Metric Mapping - Compute size of elements according to a metric.

This plugin enables to set the size of the graph's elements according to a metric.


David Auber University Bordeaux I France: Email:[email protected]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MetricSizeMapping::MetricSizeMapping (const PropertyContext & context) [inline]

MetricSizeMapping::~MetricSizeMapping () [inline]

Member Function Documentation

bool MetricSizeMapping::check (std::string & errorMsg) [inline]

void MetricSizeMapping::computeEdgeSize () [inline]

void MetricSizeMapping::computeNodeSize () [inline]

bool MetricSizeMapping::run () [inline]


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