mframe_get_prop(3) Return property value of frame.


void* mframe_get_prop (MFrame * frame, MSymbol key)


Return property value of frame. The mframe_get_prop() function returns a value of property key of frame frame. The valid keys and the corresponding return values are as follows.

        key             type of value   meaning of value
        ---             -------------   ----------------
        Mface           MFace *         The default face.
        Mfont           MFont *         The default font.
        Mfont_width     int             Width of the default font.
        Mfont_ascent    int             Ascent of the default font.
        Mfont_descent   int             Descent of the default font.

In the m17n-X library, the followings are also accepted.

        key             type of value   meaning of value
        ---             -------------   ----------------
        Mdisplay        Display *       Display associated with the frame.
        Mscreen         int             Screen number of a screen associated
                                        with the frame.
        Mcolormap       Colormap        Colormap of the frame.
        Mdepth          unsigned        Depth of the frame.



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