mifare_desfire_aid_new(3) mifare_desfire_aid_new_with_mad_aid


Mifare card manipulation library (libfreefare, -lfreefare)


In freefare.h Ft MifareDESFireAID Fn mifare_desfire_aid_new uint32_t aid Ft MifareDESFireAID Fn mifare_desfire_aid_new_with_mad_aid MadAid mad_aid uint8_t n Ft uint32_t Fn mifare_desfire_aid_get_aid MifareDESFireAID aid


The Fn mifare_desfire_aid_* functions allows management of Mifare DESFire AIDs. The Fn mifare_desfire_aid_new function returns a new Mifare DESFire AID of value Vt aid .

The Fn mifare_desfire_aid_new_with_mad_aid functions returns a new Mifare DESFire AID using a Mifare Classic AID Vt mad_aid and Vt n as the last nibble of the new AID.

Both Fn mifare_desfire_aid_new and Fn mifare_desfire_aid_new_with_mad_aid allocates memory that should be reclaimed using free(3).

The Fn mifare_desfire_aid_get_aid function returns the Vt aid of the provided Mifare DESFire AID.


The allocation functions returns the allocated AID on success, NULL otherwise.


An Romain Tartiere Aq [email protected]