mifare_desfire_des_key_new(3) mifare_desfire_3des_key_new


Mifare card manipulation library (libfreefare, -lfreefare)


In freefare.h Ft MifareDESFireKey Fn mifare_desfire_des_key_new uint8_t value[8] Ft MifareDESFireKey Fn mifare_desfire_3des_key_new uint8_t value[16] Ft MifareDESFireKey Fn mifare_desfire_3k3des_key_new uint8_t value[24] Ft MifareDESFireKey Fn mifare_desfire_aes_key_new uint8_t value[16] Ft MifareDESFireKey Fn mifare_desfire_des_key_new_with_version uint8_t value[8] Ft MifareDESFireKey Fn mifare_desfire_3des_key_new_with_version uint8_t value[16] Ft MifareDESFireKey Fn mifare_desfire_3k3des_key_new_with_version uint8_t value[24] Ft MifareDESFireKey Fn mifare_desfire_aes_key_new_with_version uint8_t value[16] uint8_t version Ft uint8_t Fn mifare_desfire_key_get_version MifareDESFireKey key Ft void Fn mifare_desfire_key_set_version MifareDESFireKey key uint8_t version Ft void Fn mifare_desfire_key_free MifareDESFireKey key


The Fn mifare_desfire_key_* family of functions allows management of Mifare DESFire keys.

The Fn mifare_desfire_des_key_new , Fn mifare_desfire_3des_key_new , Fn mifare_desfire_3k3des_key_new and Fn mifare_desfire_ades_key_new alocate a new key with the provided data value The key version is set to 0

The Fn mifare_desfire_des_key_new_with_version , Fn mifare_desfire_3des_key_new_with_version , Fn mifare_desfire_3k3des_key_new_with_version and Fn mifare_desfire_aes_key_new_with_version functions are equivalent to the previous functions except that the key version is read from value (DES, 3DES, 3K3DES) or set to version (AES).

The version of a Vt MifareDESFireKey can be extracted using Fn mifare_desfire_key_get_version and changed using Fn mifare_desfire_key_set_version.

The Fn mifare_desfire_key_free has to be called for each MifareDESFireKey after usage to reclaim memory.


Key allocations functions return the allocaed key of NULL on failure.


An Romain Tartiere Aq [email protected]