mimedb(1) lookup file information via the mime database

mimedb - lookup file information via the mime database


mimedb [OPTIONS] FILES...


mimedb queries the MIME type database and the .desktop files installed on the system in order to find information on the files listed in FILES. The information that mimedb can retrieve includes the MIME type for a file, a description of the type, and the default action that can be performed on the file. mimedb can also be used to launch the default action for this file.

The following options are available:

  • -t, --input-file-data determines the files' type both by their filename and by their contents (default behaviour).
  • -f, --input-filename determines the files' type by their filename.
  • -i, --input-mime specifies that the arguments are not files, but MIME types.
  • -m, --output-mime outputs the MIME type of each file (default behaviour).
  • -f, --output-description outputs the description of each MIME type.
  • -a, --output-action outputs the default action of each MIME type.
  • -l, --launch launches the default action for the specified files.
  • -h, --help displays a help message and exit.
  • -v, --version displays the version number and exits.