mincdiff(1) report differences between minc files


mincdiff [-header|-body] [-l] [diff options] file1 file2


The mincdiff shell script compares two minc files by running diff(1) on the headers of the two minc files, and cmp(1) on the image variable. You can view only the header differences using -header or only the body (image variable) differences using -body. The option -l is passed on to cmp of the image variable. Any unrecognized options (e.g. -u) are passed verbatim to the diff of the headers.


-header Compare only the headers of the two files.
-body Compare only the image data of the two files.
-l Print the byte offset in decimal and the byte value in octal
for each difference encountered in the image variable.


Peter Neelin


Copyright © 1993 by Peter Neelin