minchistory(1) prints history information for minc files


minchistory [options] <file1.mnc> [<file2.mnc> ... ]

minchistory will dump the internal history of one or more MINC files


minchistory is a perl script that prints the history information in a collection of MINC files. Most MINC files contain an internal ``audit trail'' that lists the commands used to create the MINC file. This tool provides a convenient way to examine this information.

For each file, minchistory prints a title line followed by a series of lines which list the history information for that file.

   --- History of <filename> ---
   [01] Wed Oct 13 15:35:35 EST 2004>>>> dicom3_to_minc .
   [02] Wed Oct 13 15:43:34 2004>>> mincreshape +direction \
     bob-jones_256x256x256_T1.mnc out.mnc -dimorder zspace,yspace,xspace \

minchistory is essentially an alias for the following command with a bit of pretty printing added.

   mincinfo -attvalue :history B<filename.mnc>


-v, --verbose
Be noisy when doing things
Print version number and exit
-h, --help
Dump some quick help output
Dump a man page


Andrew Janke - [email protected]


Copyright 2000 by Andrew L Janke