minput_filter(3) Filter an input key.


int minput_filter (MInputContext * ic, MSymbol key, void * arg)


Filter an input key. The minput_filter() function filters input key key according to input context ic, and calls callback functions corresponding to Minput_preedit_draw, Minput_status_draw, and Minput_candidates_draw if the preedit text, the status, and the current candidate are changed respectively.

To make the input method commit the current preedit text (if any) and shift to the initial state, call this function with Mnil as key.

To inform the input method about the focus-out event, call this function with Minput_focus_out as key.

To inform the input method about the focus-in event, call this function with Minput_focus_in as key.

To inform the input method about the focus-move event (i.e. input spot change within the same input context), call this function with Minput_focus_move as key.


If key is filtered out, this function returns 1. In that case, the caller should discard the key. Otherwise, it returns 0, and the caller should handle the key, for instance, by calling the function minput_lookup() with the same key.


Copyright (C) 2001 Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA)
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