minput_open_im(3) Open an input method.


MInputMethod* minput_open_im (MSymbol language, MSymbol name, void * arg)


Open an input method. The minput_open_im() function opens an input method whose language and name match language and name, and returns a pointer to the input method object newly allocated.

This function at first decides a driver for the input method as described below.

If language is not Mnil, the driver pointed by the variable minput_driver is used.

If language is Mnil and name has the property Minput_driver, the driver pointed to by the property value is used to open the input method. If name has no such a property, NULL is returned.

Then, the member MInputDriver::open_im() of the driver is called.

arg is set in the member arg of the structure MInputMethod so that the driver can refer to it.


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