missidentify(1) Find executable files without an executable extension


missidentify [-rqablv] [-s|-S len] [-Vh] [FILES]


Miss Identify looks at the header of every file it processes and determines if it is a PE executable (Windows executable). Such files can include programs, device drivers, and DLLs. By default the program displays the filename if the extension of the file does not match one of the known executable extensions (.exe, .com, .sys, or .dll). Other options can make the program display the filename of all executable files.

Enables recursive mode. All subdirectories are traversed. Please note that recursive mode cannot be used to examine all files of a given file extension. For example, calling missidentify -r *.txt will examine all files in directories that end in .txt.

Silent mode. All error messages except fatal errors are surpressed.

Display filenames of all executables

Enables bare mode. Strips any leading directory information from displayed filenames. This flag may not be used in conjunction with the -l flag.

Enables relative file paths. Instead of printing the absolute path for each file, displays the relative file path as indicated on the command line. This flag may not be used in conjunction with the -b flag.

Verbose mode. Displays the name of every 10th file as a progress indicator.

-s-S len
Prints strings of length len with each filename. With lowercase letter, puts filename before string. With uppercase letter, puts strings before filename.

Show a help screen and exit.

Show the version number and exit.


The program can be fooled by any file with more than 1024 bytes between the MZ header and the PE header.


Miss Identify was written by Jesse Kornblum


Copyright (C) 2008 Jesse Kornblum. This is free software. You may redistribute copies of it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2. There is NO WARRANTY. See the file COPYING for more details.