mkd2man(1) convert a markdown document into an mdoc manual page


[-h ] [-d date ] [-s section ] [-t title ] [file ]


utility reads file and generates mdoc(7) input from markdown source. If unspecified, file is taken to be standard input.

The options are as follows:

-d , --date
set the document date (`to ' ) date Po preferrably in Qq Month Day, Year format Pc . If unspecified, uses the file modification date or current date if reading is from standard input or if stat(2) fails.
-h , --help
display help text.
-s , --section
set the document section (` ' ) to section If unspecified, uses 1
-t , --title
set the document title (` ' ) to title If unspecified, uses the suffix-stripped filename part of file When reading is from stdin the title must be specified.


Ex -std


An -nosplit was written by An Natasha Qo Kerensikova Qc Porte Aq Mt [email protected] and An Baptiste Daroussin Aq Mt [email protected] . Manual page was originally written by An Massimo Manghi Aq Mt [email protected] , and rewritten to mdoc format by An Svyatoslav Mishyn Aq Mt [email protected] .