MKDoc::XML::Decode(3) Expands XML entities


use MKDoc::XML::Decode;
my $decode = new MKDoc::XML::Decode qw/xml xhtml numeric/;
# $xml is now "Chris' Baloon"
my $xml = MKDoc::XML::Decode->process ("Chris' Baloon");


MKDoc::XML::Decode is a very simple module with pluggable entity decoding mechanism. At the moment there are three modules:

xml - Decodes ' " > < and & xhtml - Decodes XHTML entities such as é numeric - Decodes numeric entities such as A

That's it.

This module and its counterpart MKDoc::XML::Encode are used by MKDoc::XML::Dumper to XML-encode and XML-decode litterals.


my $decode_object = new MKDoc::XML::Decode (@modules);

Constructs a new decode object using the modules specified in @modules.

my $decoded = $decode_object->decode ($stuff);

Decodes $stuff and returns it into $decoded.

Any entity which is not recognized will be returned as is but will trigger a warning.


Copyright 2003 - MKDoc Holdings Ltd.

Author: Jean-Michel Hiver

This module is free software and is distributed under the same license as Perl itself. Use it at your own risk.