mlpack::tree(3) Trees and tree-building procedures.



class BinarySpaceTree
A binary space partitioning tree, such as a KD-tree or a ball tree.
class CompareCosineNode

class CosineTree

class CoverTree
A cover tree is a tree specifically designed to speed up nearest-neighbor computation in high-dimensional spaces.
class EmptyStatistic
Empty statistic if you are not interested in storing statistics in your tree.
class ExampleTree
This is not an actual space tree but instead an example tree that exists to show and document all the functions that mlpack trees must implement.
class FirstPointIsRoot
This class is meant to be used as a choice for the policy class RootPointPolicy of the CoverTree class.
class MeanSplit
A binary space partitioning tree node is split into its left and right child.
class MRKDStatistic
Statistic for multi-resolution kd-trees.
class TreeTraits
The TreeTraits class provides compile-time information on the characteristics of a given tree type.
class TreeTraits< BinarySpaceTree< BoundType, StatisticType, MatType > >
This is a specialization of the TreeType class to the BinarySpaceTree tree type.
class TreeTraits< CoverTree< MetricType, RootPointPolicy, StatisticType > >
The specialization of the TreeTraits class for the CoverTree tree type.


< CosineTree
*, boost::heap::compare
< CompareCosineNode > > CosineNodeQueue"

Detailed Description

Trees and tree-building procedures.

Typedef Documentation

typedef boost::heap::priority_queue<CosineTree*, boost::heap::compare<CompareCosineNode> > mlpack::tree::CosineNodeQueue

Definition at line 34 of file cosine_tree.hpp.


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