mma-splitrec(1) Create wav tracks from MMA input file


mma-splitrec <>


This program is used to create a set of wav tracks from a MMA input file. You need MMA, the input file, a MIDI player, audio recorder and an external synth or timidity.

The command:


will determine the tracks in the MMA file, create temporary MIDIs for each track, play each file though an external synth and record the results into a series of wav files.

Also created is a mix file with all the tracks. This is called ``bg.wav''.

When using an external synth, the conversion takes a long time ... about the number of tracks times the duration of the song. Be patient.

If you have timidity installed, you can let it create the wav files. It works pretty well, depending on your installed soundfonts.

Using timidity, I've had good success with the following:

use mma-splitrec with a decent soundfont to create tracks,
use timidity to create a mix track of the mma file,
copy the mix to my Zoom H4 recorder into a project file,
play/create lots of sax tracks while listening to the mix (4 track mode on the H4),
copy the sax tracks the split tracks from (1) into audacity,
edit the tracks,
publish the song and become rich and famous!


Set the MIDI file player (aplaymidi) options. This is usually the port. You should quote the arg: -m ``-p 20''
Recorder options (arecord). You can change the number of channels, quality, port, etc. Again, quote the arg: -r ``-D hw:0,0 -c2''
Timidity options. Quote args: -o ``-Ow''

See the manual pages for aplaymidi, arecord and timidiy for option details.

By default, an external synth is assumed. Use this option to force use of timidity.
By default the track ``bg.wav'' is created with all tracks playing. This option will skip creating that track.
Create only track XX. The track name is passed to mma and its -T option. To create a set of tracks you need multiple -t settings: -t Solo -t Chord-piano

The track names are NOT case sensitive.

Exclude tracks. Again, a separate -x is required for each track to skip.


The latest version of this program is always distributed with MMA and is available at


Bob van der Poel <[email protected]>


mma-splitrec is Copyright 2002-2011 Bob van der Poel. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License.