Mmark(1) Markdown processor written in Go geared for the IETF


mmark [options] [inputfile [outputfile]]


Copyright © 2014 Miek Gieben <[email protected]>
Copyright © 2011 Russ Ross <[email protected]>
Distributed under the Simplified BSD License.


Mmark is a Markdown processor. It supports the Markdown syntax and has been extended with (syntax) features found in other Markdown implementations like kramdown, PHP Markdown Extra, ScholarlyMarkdown, Leanpub and even Asciidoc. This allows mmark to be used to write larger, structured documents such as RFC and I-Ds or even books, while not deviating too far from Markdown.


ID bibliography URL
RFC bibliography URL
link to a CSS stylesheet (implies -page)
link to HTML to be included in head (implies -page)
generate a standalone HTML page
generate XML2RFC v3 output
generate XML2RFC v2 output


Written by Miek Gieben, forked from Russ Ross's Blackfriday Markdown processor.