mod2osis(1) export SWORD modules

Other Alias

mod2imp, mod2vpl, mod2zmod


mod2imp [modulename]

mod2osis [modulename]

mod2vpl [modulename] [0 |1]

mod2zmod [modulename] [PATH] [blocktype [compressiontype [cipherkey]]]


These utilities export SWORD modules into various formats. mod2imp exports a module into SWORD imp (import) format. mod2osis exports a module into OSIS format. mod2vpl exports into verse per line format. mod2zmod produces compressed SWORD modules.


Specify the modulename to export.
[0 | 1]
Only applies to mod2vpl. 1 - prepends verse reference to each line, 0 - doesn't.
Only applies to mod2zmod. Path where to create compressed module.
[blocktype [compressiontype [cipherkey]]]
Only applies to mod2zmod. Valid blocktypes are (default 4):
2 - verses
3 - chapters
4 -books

Compression types are (default 1):

1 - LZSS
2 - Zip


This manual page was written by Dmitrijs Ledkovs <[email protected]> for Debian project but may be used by others.