Module::Packaged(3) Report upon packages of CPAN distributions


use Module::Packaged;
my $p = Module::Packaged->new();
my $dists = $p->check('Archive-Tar');
# $dists is now:
# {
# cpan => '1.08',
# debian => '1.03',
# fedora => '0.22',
# freebsd => '1.07',
# gentoo => '1.05',
# openbsd => '0.22',
# suse => '0.23',
# }
# meaning that Archive-Tar is at version 1.08 on CPAN but only at
# version 1.07 on FreeBSD, version 1.05 on Gentoo, version 1.03 on
# Debian, version 0.23 on SUSE and version 0.22 on OpenBSD


CPAN consists of distributions. However, CPAN is not an isolated system - distributions are also packaged in other places, such as for operating systems. This module reports whether CPAN distributions are packaged for various operating systems, and which version they have.

Note: only CPAN, Debian, Fedora (Core 2), FreeBSD, Gentoo, Mandriva (10.1), OpenBSD (3.6) and SUSE (9.2) are currently supported. I want to support everything else. Patches are welcome.



The new() method is a constructor:

  my $p = Module::Packaged->new();


The check() method returns a hash reference. The keys are various distributions, the values the version number included:

  my $dists = $p->check('Archive-Tar');


Copyright (c) 2003-5 Leon Brocard. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Leon Brocard, [email protected]