mono-symbolicate(1) Mono Symbolicate Tool


mono-symbolicate exefile stacktracesfile [directories...]


mono-symbolicate is a tool that converts a stack trace with <filename unknown>:0 into one with file names and line numbers.

The output of calling this tool will be the provided stacktracesfile where <filename unknown>:0 parts are replaced by a file name and a line number.

For the tool to work it needs to load referenced assemblies, it will first look in the same folder as exefile then from one of the provided directories.

The tool assumes that the folder with a referenced assembly called for example name.dll will also include name.dll.mdb, if the referenced assembly is AOT compiled then the tool is also expecting to find name.dll.msym.


Written by Marcos Henrich


Copyright (C) 2015 Xamarin.


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