mono-xmltool(1) Mono XML validation and transformation tool.


mono-xmltool --validate [*.rng | *.rnc | *.nvdl | *.xsd] [instances]

mono-xmltool --validate-rng relax-ng-grammar-xml [instances]

mono-xmltool --validate-rnc relax-ng-compact-grammar-file [instances]

mono-xmltool --validate-nvdl nvdl-script-xml [instances]

mono-xmltool --validate-xsd xml-schema [instances]

mono-xmltool --transform stylesheet instance-xml

mono-xmltool --prettyprint [source [result]]


mono-xmltool is a command line front end for various functions available in the Mono XML class libraries. It currently it offers validation with various different kinds of schemas, xslt transformations and pretty printing.


mono-xmltool can validate a given set of XML files (the instances parameter) using the given schema file. Currently supported schema files include Relax NG (*.rng), Compact Relax NG (*.rnc), Namespace-based Validation Dispatching Language (*.nvdl) and XML Schema (*.xsd).

If invoked with the --validate argument, Mono will use the filename extension to guess the kind of validation required. The --validate-xxx flags would force a specific kind of validation.

The following lists the flags and the actual class that implements them in Mono:


Commons.Xml.Relaxng.RelaxNgPattern as the schema, and Commons.Xml.Relaxng.RelaxngValidatingReader validator.

Commons.Xml.Relaxng.RncParser as the schema, and Commons.Xml.Relaxng.RelaxngValidatingReader validator.

Commons.Xml.Nvdl as the schema and Commons.Xml.NvdlValidatingReader validator.

System.Xml.Schema.XmlSchema as the schema and uses System.Xml.XmlValidatingReader as the validator.


This does an XSLT transformation. The stylesheet must be an XSLT file, the instance-xml is the document to be processed. Output it sent to the standard output.


Produces a pretty-print rendering of the source file. If it is not specified it reads the standard input. If result is not specified, the output is sent to the standard output.


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