mori-<num>d.x(1) star triangulations of a polytope P* in N

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mori.x [-<Option-string>] [in-file [out-file]]


Mori cone of the corresponding toric ambient spaces intersection rings of embedded (CY) hypersurfaces

The mori-<num>d.x variant programs, where <num> is one of 4, 5, 6 and 11 work in different dimensions ; mori.x defaults to dimension 6.

Options (concatenate any number of them into <Option-string>):

print this information
use as filter
general output: triangulation and Stanley-Reisner ideal
incidence information of the facets (ignoring IPs of facets)
Mori generators of the ambient space
IP-simplices among points of P* (ignoring IPs of facets)
points of P* in Kreuzer polynomial form
arithmetic genera and Euler number
intersection ring
Chern classes of the (CY) hypersurface
triple intersection numbers
topological information on toric divisors & del Pezzo conditions
all of the above except h, f, I and K
lattice polytope points of P* as input (default CWS)
arbitrary (also non-CY) hypersurface `H = c1*D1 + c2*D2 + ...' input: coefficients `c1 c2 ...'
manual input of triangulation


1) standard: degrees and weights `d1 w11 w12 ... d2 w21 w22 ...'
2) alternative (use -D): `d np' or `np d' (d=Dimension, np=#[points]) and (after newline) np*d coordinates


as specified by options