morse2ascii(1) tool for decoding the morse codes from a PCM WAV file


morse2ascii [options] <file.WAV/TXT>


This tool employs a volume/peak based method to decode the morse codes from a PCM WAV file as well as from text and RAW PCM files.

It contains some options for parsing abbreviations, prosigns and qcodes.


-a     abbreviations and prosigns parsing

-q     q-codes parsing

-r F C B       consider the file as raw headerless PCM data, you must specify the
Frequency, Channels and Bits like -r 44100 2 16

-o     disable the automatic optimizations: DC bias adjust and normalize.
Use this option only if your file is already clean and normalized

-m     morse notation output (like ...___... instead of SOS), debug

-w FILE        debug option for dumping the handled samples from the memory to FILE

-d     debug info (WAV input only)

Note: the input file can be a PCM WAV audio file or also a text file which uses the dotlinespace notation (._ or .-), dit-dah, binary and others use - as file for reading a text stream from stdin