mountpy(1) program for quick automatic mounting and umounting of


mountpy [options] [devices]
umountpy [options] [devices]


Just run mountpy to mount all the devices. Short summary will be printed. By default, you can find mounted filesystems under /media

Run mountpy -u or umountpy to umount everything it can. Short summary will be printed, with warning if some device could not have been umounted

mountpy device tried to mount only one device, e.g.: mountpy sda or more devices, e.g. mountpy sda fd0 cdrom

use -v to verbosely print what is going on, -vv to get even more information.


-u, --umount
Umount evrything possible.
-h, --help
Show summary of options.
Be verbose
Be very verbose


Radovan GarabĂ­k <[email protected]>