Mouse::Util(3) Utilities for working with Mouse classes


This document describes Mouse version v2.4.5


use Mouse::Util; # turns on strict and warnings


This module provides a set of utility functions. Many of these functions are intended for use in Mouse itself or MouseX modules, but some of them may be useful for use in your own code.


Moose::Util functions

The following functions are exportable.


The same as "Mouse::Util::class_of()".

"does_role($class_or_obj, $role_or_obj)"

"resolve_metaclass_alias($category, $name, %options)"

"apply_all_roles($applicant, @roles)"


Class::MOP functions

The following functions are not exportable.

"Mouse::Util::is_class_loaded($classname) -> Bool"

Returns whether $classname is actually loaded or not. It uses a heuristic which involves checking for the existence of $VERSION, @ISA, and any locally-defined method.

"Mouse::Util::load_class($classname) -> ClassName"

This will load a given $classname (or die if it is not loadable). This function can be used in place of tricks like "eval "use $module ()"" or using "require".

"Mouse::Util::class_of($classname_or_object) -> MetaClass"

"Mouse::Util::get_metaclass_by_name($classname) -> MetaClass"

"Mouse::Util::get_all_metaclass_instances() -> (MetaClasses)"

"Mouse::Util::get_all_metaclass_names() -> (ClassNames)"

mro (or MRO::Compat)




Mouse specific utilities