mp3burn(1) burn audio CDs from MP3, Ogg Vorbis, or FLAC files


mp3burn [OPTION] [mp3,ogg, and flac files]


mp3burn is a simple command line tool for making audio CDs from MP3s without filling up your disk with .wav files. It uses Perl(1), ogg123(1), mpg321(1) or mpg123(1), cdrecord(1), flac(1), and the MP3::Info(3) Perl module.


-h, --help
Prints out a brief help
-m, --swap
Manual "cdrecord -swab" option mode. Use this to disable the automatic detection for swab mode in case it is not working correctly on your system. (Also, please send email to <[email protected]> or file a bug against the mp3burn package if you encounter this problem.)
-p, --playlist ".m3u playlist"
Use a playlist to specify audio files to burn. Instead of (or in addition to) listing mp3/ogg/flac files, supply a .m3u playlist (e.g., from xmms) that contains the audio files for your CD.

Note: If you specify both a playlist and audio files, the files specified on the command-line will be appended to the list of audio files listed in the playlist. If a file referenced in a playlist cannot be read, it will be skipped. Be wary of playlist editors that use relative paths - mp3burn cannot know what path the playlist editor assumed.

-t, --tmpdir "tmpdir"
Put temporary files in tmpdir. Default is to use the current directory.
-c, --check "MMM:SS" | ATIP
Time check: compute the total length of files to be burned and warn if greater than MMM:SS minutes and seconds. If the value ATIP is supplied, the total length is checked against the length available on the CDR[W] as reported by ATIP.

Note that FLAC-encoded files are assumed to be 1 second long (until there is an easy way to get the file duration). You will need to calculate burn-length on your own with FLAC files.

-d, --dummy
Perform a ``dummy'' run: do everything except actually burn the CD (uses cdrecord(1) "-dummy" option).
-o, --cdrecord "cdrecord_opts"
Specify the command line options for cdrecord. The quotes are required to prevent mp3burn from parsing cdrecord(1) options. Overrides options specified in ~/.mp3burnrc.

Example: -o ``-v dev=1,0 speed=4 -swab''

The options -pad and -audio are added automatically, since they are always necessary. The script also tries to detect if -swab is needed (for example on x86 and other little-Endian platforms). cdrecord is supposed to take care of any byte-ordering requirements specific to your burner. (If you end up with a CD that merely sounds like static, you most likely need to toggle use of -swab.) You should also consider using -v so that you can watch the burn in progress. This goes for ~/.mp3burnrc also.
-a, --atip
Lookup the ATIP info for the device in the cdburner (using cdrecord(1) "-atip") and then exits. This option can only be used (successfully) in conjuction with -o.
-M, --encoder "MP3 decoder"
Use an MP3 decoder other than the default, which is mpg321. This is imperative when burning tracks that have sample rates other than 44.1kHz, and the current version of mpg321 will not decode these files. Specify the name of the decoder to be used, e.g. mpg123-oss-3dnow; you can also specify this in your .mp3burnrc file with $mp3decoder = mp3decoder. (Note: Currently, the MP3 decoder must be able to accept mpg123-style command-line arguments.)


mp3burn returns 0 on success.


Error in .mp3burnrc:
Perl(1) cannot parse the .mp3burnrc file. The following example occurs when a double quote is not terminated:

  bash-2.05$ sudo mp3burn -d ~/bell.ogg 
  String found where operator expected at (eval 10) line 7, at end of line
          (Missing operator before ?)
  Error in .mp3burnrc:
  Can't find string terminator '"' anywhere before EOF at (eval 10) line 7.

You will experience this error if you define both $cdrecord_opts and $mp3decoder without terminating the variable assignments with the ';' character:

  $ mp3burn -d -t /tmp Theodor_Storm_Aquis_submersus_1.mp3 
  Scalar found where operator expected at (eval 10) line 2, near ""-v speed=2 dev=0,3,0"
        (Missing operator before 
  Error in .mp3burnrc:
  syntax error at (eval 10) line 2, near ""-v speed=2 dev=0,3,0"


Write an Ogg Vorbis file from a CD-R drive, /dev/scd0, mounted at /mnt/scd0/ to a CD-RW drive, /dev/scd1, called "0,1,0" in cdrecord(1) SCSI notation. Ensure that file is no longer than 50 minutes. sudo(1) is used to get root permissions for cdrecord(1).

  % sudo mp3burn -c 050:00 -o "-v speed=2 dev=0,1,0" /mnt/scd0/bell.ogg

Create a ~/.mp3burnrc that prints a message before writing and uses a different MP3 decoder than the default of mpg321.

  # This is an example.
  $cdrecord_opts="-v speed=2 dev=0,1,0";
  $mp3decoder = "mpg123-oss-3dnow";
  print "Nine seconds to slap a CD-R in the drive!\n" ;
  # See mp3burn(3).

Specify an mp3decoder other than mpg321.

  $ sudo mp3burn -M mpg123-esd ./rush/*mp3


In this file, you may permanently specify the cdrecord options and MP3 decoder you want to use. The format is:

  $cdrecord_opts = "cdrecord options";
  $mp3decoder = "some mp3 decoder";

You may place comments in this file by beginning a line with "#".

The values of $cdrecord_opts and $mp3decoder in ~/.mp3burnrc are ignored if the "-o" or "-<"command-line options are used, respectively.


Has not been tested extensively with Ogg Vorbis files. Ogg Vorbis files must be in CD-DA format: i.e. 44100 samples/channel x 16 bits/sample x 2 channels.


If you execute mp3burn with root permissions, the ~/.mp3burnrc will also be executed with root permissions.


Copyright (c) 2000 Ryan Richter. Copyright (c) 2003 Alexander Wirt

This script was written by Ryan Richter <[email protected]> with much code contributed by Dan Lark <[email protected]>.

I would like to thank Dan Lark <[email protected]> for contributing the ideas and code for most of the new features, and Tony Mancill <[email protected]> for making Debian packages and helping with debugging.

Later in 2003 Alexander Wirt continued to write this program.

This program is licensed under the GNU General Public License. You may fold, spindle, and mutilate this software under the terms of the GPL.


20031014 <[email protected]>
Switches from standard getopt to GetOpts::Long

Updated Manpage for the new option format

20031012 <[email protected]>
Updated mp3burn to use pod2usage

Added -h switch for getting help

Fixed a bug with the output of file in conduction with FLAC files

Added a gracefully exit if there are no valid files left

Use String::Shellquote to avoid problems with the shell

20030203 <[email protected]>
hacked in support for FLAC, as per suggested by <[email protected]>
20021110 <[email protected]>
updated to work with new ogginfo output format in vorbis-tools 1.0; modified slightly to not create FIFOs for invalid MP3/OGG files
20020728 <[email protected]>
added -M $mp3decoder switch to support MP3 decoders other than mpg321 and mpg123-oss
20010917       <[email protected]>

added check to automatically add -swab on ia32 platform

MP3::Info(3) replaces MPEG::MP3Info

mp3burn 0.02 10/28/00
Changes since 0.01:


Spaces, quotes, and other shell metacharacters in filenames should no longer problematic, since we use Shell:QuoteString to avoid problems with that (Feedback for that is wished).

Mono MP3s and MP3s not sampled at 44.1kHz are no longer problematic.

New Features:

Editing the executable is no longer necessary; cdrecord options can be specified on the command line or in ~/.mp3burnrc.

Temp dir for FIFOs may be set to other than the current dir.

Dummy runs now supported from the command line.

A time check is now available: mp3burn can abort if total time exceeds a threshold. Requires MPEG::MP3Info.

Playlist support.