mpd-dynamic(1) a dynamic playlist for mpd


version 2.004


This program implements a dynamic playlist for MPD, build on top of the Audio::MPD perl module.

MPD (music player daemon) is a cool music player, but it lacks a dynamic playlist. A dynamic playlist is a playlist that will change automatically over time. In particular, it will remove already played songs (keeping at most a given number of songs) and add new songs to the playlist so it never fall short of songs.

Note that since mpd is a daemon needing no gui to work, "mpd-dynamic" is also a daemon. That is, it will fork and do all its work from the background. This way, you can fire "mpd" and "mpd-dynamic" and forget completely about your music (especially since "mpd-dynamic" is a low-resource program): it will just be there! :-)


    mpd-dynamic [options]


General behaviour

You can customize the usage of mpd-dynamic with the following options:
-o[ld] <old>
Number of old tracks to keep in the backlog. Defaults to 10.
-n[ew] <new>
Number of new tracks to keep in the to-be-played playlist. Defaults to 10.
-s[leep] <sleep>
Time spent sleeping (in seconds) before checking if playlist should be updated. Default to 5 seconds.
Run mpd-dynamic in debug mode. In particular, the program will not daemonize itself. Default to false.
-e[ncoding] <encoding>
Print debug messages with this encoding. Since mpd-dynamic is meant to be a silent daemon, this option will not be used outside of debug mode. Default to "utf-8".
Print the usual program information

Note however that those flags are optional: since "mpd-dynamic" comes with some sane defaults, you can fire "mpd-dynamic" as is.


You can also take advantage of ratings if you want. With those options, songs need to have at least a given rating (or no rating yet) to be inserted: this way, you will only listen to your favorite songs!

Ratings can be created / updated with "mpd-rate".

Note that if you supply a non-existant rating db-file, the rating mechanism will be ignored. The following options control the rating mechanism:

-r[atings] <ratings>
The path of a db file with the ratings per song. The keys are the song path (relative to MPD root), and the value is an integer (the rating). Default to "~/.mpd/ratings.db".
-m[in[imum]] <min>
The minimum rating for a song to be inserted in the playlist. Default to 4.


Jerome Quelin


This software is copyright (c) 2007 by Jerome Quelin.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.