mpfade(1) fade mpd volume in or out


mpfade [minutes] [max|min] [host]


mpfade behaves differently depending on whether mpd is playing or not.

If mpd is not playing (or is paused), it starts it playing at a low volume, and gradually cranks the volume up to the specified max value (default 50) over the specified number of minutes (default 10).

If mpd is already playing, it works in reverse, reducing the volume over time until it's a the specified min (defaults to a tenth of what it was at the start). Then it stops playing.

mpfade tries to interact well with manual volume changes you make. If the volume is fading up, and you change the volume manually, it stops. This is intended to be useful when used as an alarm clock. If the volume is fading down, changes you make to the volume will be noticed, and the fade down will continue from that point.

The minutes value can be a floating point value. If the hostname is omitted, the MPD_HOST environment variable will be used.


Copyright 2007 Joey Hess <[email protected]>

Licensed under the GNU GPL version 2 or higher.