mpgenplaylists(1) generate mpd playlists for each subdirectory of music




mpgenplaylists generates mpd playlists.

It reads your ~/.mpdconf or /etc/mpd.conf to figure out where mpd keeps its music directory and playlist directory.

For each subdirectory of the music directory, a playlist is generated in the playlist directory. The playlists created by this tool always start with a space to avoid conflicts with your manually created playlists.

So if you keep your sound in Artist/Album/ directories, you'll get playlists named like `` Artist - Album'', and also playlists named just `` Artist'' that contain all music by that artist. An `` all'' playlist is also created, that contains all your music.

Each time it's run it updates the playlists, and removes any obsolete ones that it created before.


It does not currently sort songs in an album by track number, but instead sorts by filename.


Copyright 2007 Joey Hess <[email protected]>

Licensed under the GNU GPL version 2 or higher.