mpris-remote(1) control mpris compatible audio players


mpris-remote [ options ]


mpris is a dbus standard interface to control media players. Many players like amarok, Audacious, QMMP, mpd with mpDris support this interface.

mpris-remote is a command-line interface to control media players via mpris.


-h, --help

Prints usage of mpris-remote and exit.

addtrack uri [true]

Add track at specified uri to media-player. Filetypes, protocols, locations are dependent on the media player. If true is specified starts immediate playback of added track. uri can be set to - to read uris from stdin.


Clear current playlist.

deltrack tracknumber

Remove tracknumber from current playlist.

identity: Print the identity of the player. Typically version and name.

loop [true|false]

If the parameter is omitted prints whether media player will loop track list. Otherwise sets whether track list loops or not.


Next track.


Prints number of tracks in current playlist.


Start playback


Print information about the current status of the player.

prev, previous

Previous track.


Prints position in current track

random [true|false]

If the parameter is omitted prints whether media player has random/shuffle enabled. Otherwise set random/shuffle status.

repeat [true|false]

Set current track repeat.

seek time

Seeks to specified time in track. time is specified as milliseconds from 0.


Stop playback

trackinfo [track]

Prints trackinfo. If track is committee prints trackinfo for current track. If track is * prints trackinfo for all tracks in playlist.


Prints track number in current playlist

volume [PERCENT]

If percent is omitted returns current volume. Otherwise sets player volume to specified percentage.


Exit player.



If unset or set to *, mpris-remote will communicate with the first player it finds registered under "org.mpris.*" through D-BUS. If you only have one MPRIS-compliant player running, then this will be fine. If you have more than one running, you will want to set this variable to the name of the player you want to connect to. For example, if set to foo, it will try to communicate with the player at "" and will fail if nothing exists at that name.


mpris-remote was written by Nick Welch <[email protected]>.