mrest-cli(1) Web::MREST demo/testing command-line client


$ mrest-cli -h
--help -h Get help
--sitedir -s Specify sitedir (defaults to none)
$ mrest-cli
Web::MREST> get bugreport
DISPATCH_BUGREPORT (OK) See payload for bug reporting instructions
HTTP status: 200 OK
Non-suppressed headers: {
'X-Web-Machine-Trace' => 'b13,b12,b11,b10,b9,b8,b7,b6,b5,b4,b3,c3,c4,d4,e5,f6,g7,g8,h10,i12,l13,m16,n16,o16,o18,o18b'
Response: {
'report_bugs_to' => '[email protected]'


This is the Web::MREST demo/testing command line interface (CLI). It enables the user to generate HTTP requests (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE) to the REST server and view the server's responses. Each REST resource has a documented CLI syntax that can be viewed by querying the REST server --- e.g., via a web browser.

For more information, see <>.