mrwguesswb(1) Guesses which white balance setting was used for a Minolta DiMAGE 5/7/7i RAW image


[-cmapPath pathlist ] < mrwfile


reads a Minolta DiMAGE 5/7/7i RAW image read from its standard input and guesses which white balance setting most closely matches the one used for that specific image. The name of the setting is written to standard output.


-cmapPath pathlist
By default, color balances are searched for in the following path list: .:colormaps:$HOME/.mrwtoppm/colormaps:/usr/local/share/mrwtoppm/colormaps This list can be changes using this option.


The initialization file consist of a sequence of lines. Each line sets one option. Option names are the same as the command line options, except that the leading dash (Qq - ) is omitted. Options that take a parameter have the form option = value Options that do not have a parameter have the form option = (the need for the = is a bug that will get squished later).
Location of colormaps used for color balance correction.


was written by An Bradley Broom Aq [email protected] .

This manual page was created by An Guus Sliepen Aq [email protected] for the Debian GNU/Linux system.