msv_query(3) a query to the MSVA


#include <msv.h>

Data Fields

const char * context

const char * peertype

const char * peername

const char * pkctype

const char * pkcdata

Detailed Description

a query to the MSVA

Field Documentation

const char* msv_query::context

certificate use context, such as 'https', 'ssh', or 'ike'

const char* msv_query::peername

name of peer, such as ''

const char* msv_query::peertype

type of peer on remote side, such as 'client', 'server', or 'peer'

const char* msv_query::pkcdata

public key carrier data encoded in the format specified by pkctype

const char* msv_query::pkctype

format of public key carrier data, such as 'x509der', 'x509pem', or 'opensshpubkey'


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