mtail(1) tail variant designed for web developers monitoring logfiles


mtail [options] <file>...


MonkeyTail allows a user to tail multiple files on both local and remote hosts and clearly marks inactivity by putting 5 newlines in the output whenever a pause in output over 3 seconds is detected.

MonkeyTail is implemented a fairly simple wrapper script around standard tail, ssh, and sudo.


Quiet mode
" "
Output the last N lines of each file before tailing (defaults to 0)
Files to tail.
These can specified in the following ways:
- expands the group (from .mtailrc) to a list of
files to tail
- tails a local file.
+<filename> - attempts to sudo and tail a local file (will
prompt for pwd if required).
- attempts to invoke tail via ssh on a remote
+<remotehost>:<filename> - attempts to invoke sudo tail via ssh on a
remote host (will prompt for pwd if required).


Martyn Smith <[email protected]>