mtext_get_prop(3) Get the value of the topmost text property.


void* mtext_get_prop (MText * mt, int pos, MSymbol key)


Get the value of the topmost text property. The mtext_get_prop() function searches the character at pos in M-text mt for the text property whose key is key.


If a text property is found, mtext_get_prop() returns the value of the property. If the property has multiple values, it returns the topmost one. If no such property is found, it returns NULL without changing the external variable merror_code.

If an error is detected, mtext_get_prop() returns NULL and assigns an error code to the external variable merror_code.


If NULL is returned without an error, there are two possibilities:

  • the character at pos does not have a property whose key is key, or

  • the character does have such a property and its value is NULL.

If you need to distinguish these two cases, use the mtext_get_prop_values() function instead.




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